Yoast SEO 2017: Complete Setup Guide With New UI

Here is latest #Yoast SEO WordPress plugin configuration guide.

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15 thoughts on “Yoast SEO 2017: Complete Setup Guide With New UI

  1. Simona Micevska

    Hello Harsh, just one question I am new to wordpress, I am following all the steps, I got to sitemap it said page not found.. Could you please advise, thank you very much

  2. Lntup

    one more thing i am having few authors and its difficult for us to depend them to edit seo,they are currently using title as seo keyword will that harm us.Can u make a video on seo for news sites or if u can help me pls contact me its a request from one of ur biggest fan

  3. Gordon McGinnis

    Give us examples. Show us what you are talking about. Many of us have never seen any of this before. We can't picture in our minds what you are talking about and therefore have no way to decide what info to enter. At around 8:36 you are talking about Facebook Settings. This is all new to me. I can't made an informed decision about what info to enter here as I have no context to base decisions on. I can't picture in my mind how, what I choose will look or where it will appear or why or anything. You say this portion is very important and then simply move on. Please don't tell me something is very important and then not help me make the correct decisions about it. And SLOW DOWN.

  4. درويش زهوان

    thank you so much Harsh; it was so beneficial for me; very definitive and thorough; Subscribed; Keep up the Great Job.

  5. Dream Maker

    thank you so much for the tutorial. this is awesome. installed yoast for a long time but didn't know how to start since there are so many buttons and settings. glad to find your video. follow your instructions step by step and done. thanks again

  6. Smart Tech

    Hey i want to create a "HEALTH BLOG" can you please suggest me some good free theme on wordpress? i wanna ad affiliate links and adsense for monetization! please reply! Thanks 😀

  7. Digital Grog

    Thanks harsh … Good detailed tutorial. Just one thing if your going to move blog and use different seo settings with different plugin… Then I am screwed…

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