WordPress SEO – How to Make Your Site Rank Higher in Google – by @todmaffin

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17 thoughts on “WordPress SEO – How to Make Your Site Rank Higher in Google – by @todmaffin

  1. Luxme Int

    Nice tutorial Tod. FYI: all images must be twice the size needed because of the retina display used by most Apple (IOS) products. So a 300x600px image must be 600x1200px in order to display properly. I use http://www.tinypng.com to reduce the size of images BTW.

  2. Dimitri d'Athènes

    Great video Tod, but I have a question regarding the "Sitelinks". How is possible to create sitelinks under the "Data Highlighter" link, while I'm reading over several articles that more or less "google doesn't say how to get sitelinks, and while there is the "Sitelinks" section in Google's Webmaster Tools???
    My wife is running a makeup brushes website and I was trying to follow your instructions regarding the sitelinks. The process is going through highlighting pictures, name of product, prices etc, which is seems kinda irrelevant with how a sitelink looks like!!!

  3. Tom Dupuis

    Great video. Though just because you like baby pugs doesn't mean it should be your keyword. Yoast's keyword suggestions are longer-tail phrases with less competition so you're more likely to rank for them (generally speaking) whereas if you Google "baby pugs" you'll be competing with a Youtube video with 1,000,000+ views and will probably never rank for it. Long-tail keywords and analyzing search results should be done to avoid competitive keywords.

  4. FreeBlogTraffic

    Thank you for this Awesome SEO tutorial! There was not one thing at all I disagreed upon! This was a perfect video! Subscribe to him now!!!

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