What is Search Engine Optimization? – Basics of SEO

If you wish to become a Digital Marketer learning SEO is a crucial aspect of it. In this lesson I teach What is SEO and how do you get started with SEO as a process. If you wish to join the free course, please enroll here: http://www.soravjain.com/digital-marketing-course-for-free

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3 thoughts on “What is Search Engine Optimization? – Basics of SEO

  1. fahad specnia

    Great Video Sir. In my opinion, I hear so many of those brought up regularly. SEO is an industry where it is really easy to come to false conclusions because most people are not working on enough sites at the same to get the kind of data required to properly prove hypotheses. Instead, people will notice a change in rankings on their site have a hunch as to what might of caused it which they pass on and the next SEO Myth is created.
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