What is “Content Marketing” – How Does it Relate to SEO?

The Complete Guide to Content Marketing: http://goo.gl/5dPS4B

Chapter 1: How to Create Amazing Content (at Scale): http://goo.gl/31zrVj

Chapter 2: How to Track Content Marketing: http://goo.gl/FOJjYh

Chapter 3: How to Promote Content Like a Boss: http://goo.gl/erSDnm

This video is part one in a 4 video series about content marketing.
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3 thoughts on “What is “Content Marketing” – How Does it Relate to SEO?

  1. Moe Vil

    Excellent video! I believe in your message. Ears are wide open over here. Keep up the great work. I'll be implementing your tactics for a new business. Thanks.

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