Traffc Travis Keyword Tool – A Must-Have SEO Keyword Research Tool

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Title: Keyword Tool – A Must-Have SEO Keyword Research Tool

A solid keyword tool is a must have for any serious Internet Marketer.

The amount of time you will save by using a keyword tool like the one found in Traffic Travis is immeasurable. Collecting and analyzing this data by hand would be extremely time consuming and would drastically limit your ability to research multiple keywords.

You need something that can pull all of the data you need, organize it in a way that doesn’t make you want to gouge your eyeballs out trying to understand it and give you clear and actionable insights.

Traffic Travis Keyword Tool – SEO Keyword Research Tool

Domain selection: Even if you’re staying away from exact match domains these days, you will work some version of your keywords into your domain or URL (categories, post/page names, etc).

On-Page SEO: If you pick the wrong keywords, your meta tags are going to be targeting all the wrong terms.

Content: We all know that “Content is King” and that you have to create high quality information for your users to absorb in many forms (copy, video, images, info-graphics, emails, etc). Just imagine all of those hours (or money you spent to outsource the work) wasted!

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3 thoughts on “Traffc Travis Keyword Tool – A Must-Have SEO Keyword Research Tool

  1. Joe Barton

    I have been using TT for a while and it does a great job for me, however it does have some bugs and not always meet my expectation 100%! Using GOOD private proxies from USA usually gives better result especially if you are targeting US market. I believe no tool is 100% perfect and I personally like to verify the result with other tools as necessary if that makes sense.

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