Top Secrets – How To Write Perfect SEO Optimized Articles for Google Ranking

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Now a days, writing seo friendly content is very important in order to rank your website and As a professional seo article writers, you must know about seo article guidelines. In this video, I gave shared some advanced SEO writing tips for bloggers. If you seo consultant and looking forward to know seo content writing techniques you can join in our content writing course ( ) at Compete Infotech Academy. You can call us at +91.0.9433365039 or 9830363622 or email us at for free brochure.

it’s very important to focus into drafting your content for User rather than typical search engine bots and keyword spamming. A SEO optimized content should be a well mixture of research based inputs and right percentage of keywords.

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    Dear Bidyut, First of all I would like to say You are a very good teacher. you explained very well. Thank you very much for sharing this information. I would like to see more videos from you. Please provide some tips on how we can elaborate body part and Keyword analysis as well.

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    I recommend you check out the case studies around organic SERP CTR. I've
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