The SEO Method I Used To Rank A Test Page In 2 Months

A lot of you new guys to this channel might not know what SEO is but it can make you a lot of money. I recently ran a case study and you can find the results here

I rank niches websites in Google then make a commission from products I sell. A few months ago I created a test page so I could see if Tumblr’s still worked great in SEO when backlinking back to my money site.

Some of you asked what happened to that page so here is it. The SEO results came out great and the website is now sitting where I want it to be. When it comes to search engine optimization there are lot’s of methods that work and don’t work, this is why I like to test. With this site I used Tumblr’s, diversity, web 2.0s then PBN links to rank it. This is a great method that’s working right now.

This method is great for working on Clickbank website and that’s exactly what I’ve done here, used this method to rank a Clickbank website for commissions. It took me around 2 months to do this and that’s a great time frame. You can expect it to take around 3 months to get to the top. So if you are looking to make money with Clickbank or any other type of affiliate offers this is a great way to do it.

I hope this video helps you with SEO and I have some more useful information below.

How to make a CB website

By Web 2.0s

Hatreds Links

If you want to learn more SEO tips contact me

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17 thoughts on “The SEO Method I Used To Rank A Test Page In 2 Months

  1. Shrayan Lakhna

    hey +franklin Hatchett great video. i have sign up to some of the expired tumblr but can't able to redirect it.becz my account is new the option is not avaliable. so how much days it will take to get the redirect option visible to new tumblr account??

  2. Jak Vegas

    Hi Franklin, Thanks again for another awesome video full of priceless content (y)… I have a question:
    My ecommerce site is in a competitive niche for google (3m+ results). Would it help my search rankings if i put a 3000 word article on the home page of my store? If so, would it come above or below my featured products or would it be better to have just the article and a 'shop now' button for my products? Thanks in advance

  3. LPOD Academy

    So does your website have to be aged in order to this to work effictively? No diversity or stuff? My site is over 4 years old.

  4. Wen M

    Thank I am enjoying and implementing what you are teaching. I have always heard never send direct traffic to the money site when using these kind of links.
    How safe is it to send A PBN link directly to money site using exact keyword?

  5. Miika Hiltunen

    Thanks for the video! I have a fresh website to Sweden & ill will try this method. Is this same method working for every country? my website language is Swedish? Do you order this services from (fiverr & market source) at the same time? Or do you schedule ordering?

  6. Christopher Chorley

    Hi Franklin, Good video and really good blog 🙂 when you are using expired tumblrs do you use 300-500 word articles? Cheers

  7. Steve Anderson

    The hatredPBN you've mentioned is super good however its expensive for
    me as I'm just trying to rank niche sites for adsense..any alternate
    solutions for an affordable PBN service with low obl?

    ** Also do you use Link Processor to index all stages once you get the list from your sellers ?
    – Stage 1 – Diversity – Is indexing needed at this stage ?
    – Stage 2 – Tumblr – Is indexing needed at this stage ?
    – Stage 3 – Web2.0 – Is indexing needed at this stage ?
    – Stage 4 – PBN – Is indexing needed at this stage ?

  8. Arin B

    Thanks Franklin for another great video. Learnt allot from you. For everyone who's watching this video. Follow Franklin, he knows his stuff!! Most people would charge you for the kind of information he gives out for free!

  9. Ariful Islam Palash

    I believe you've using Hatred's PBN for a long time, have any of your sites got penalized? Or, anything like that?

  10. hammerpower100

    if i do this, should i stay away from google web master tools, becuase google will find the pbns if i use fetch?

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