The Basics of SEO and Google AdWords for local businesses – 2017

How To Grow Your Business With Online Search

Where Does Business Come From?
• Your Network
• Word of Mouth Referrals
• Outbound Cold Calls
• Inbound Calls Walk-ins, our focus here

Number Of Searches Per Day On Google
• 3.5 billion
• 50-60% on mobile


What Percent Were For Local Information?
More than 20% on desktop
40% on mobile


From A Google Study Understanding Local Search Behavior

From a computer 34% of visited a store that same day
From mobile 50% visited a store that day and 18% led to a sale that day

Source: search_research-studies.pdf

Why Does It Matter If I’m On Page 1?
Customer Searches End Here

Your Rank On The Results Page Matters

Position on Search Engine Result Page Click-Through Rate:

55% of clicks for top 3 results
Over 66% for top 5 results
Under 5%: clicks 6-10
Under 5%: page 2


People search local every day
They only click the top results
Then they buy
It’s worth $ $ $ to be on the top half of the first page

So How Do We Get To The Top? 2 Ways

Method #1: Run Google Adwords
Run Google Adwords Pay Per Click PPC
Reach Targeted Traffic, Unlike Traditional Ads
-Conversions like Form submission or Click to call

Clicks times Cost Per Click equals Ad Spend
Ad Spend divided by Conversions equals Cost Per Conversion

For Example:
-1000 Impressions
50 Clicks for cost per click
1 Conversion
Means a conversion

Can I Show Up On Page 1 Without Paying For Each Click?

Method #2: Earn It With Search Engine Optimization Or SEO

Rank Organically With SEO

How Do I Optimize For Search Engines?
1. Research Keywords
2. Onsite Optimization
3. Offsite: Business Directory listings
4. Google My Business or GMB page
5. Blogging
6. Links from other websites

How Do I Know If I Need SEO?

Step 1: Clear What Google Knows
Step 2: Search Like A Stranger
Step 3: Check If You’re On Page 1

What Does Good SEO Look Like?
1. Higher Rankings
2. More Traffic
3. New Traffic
4. More Conversions
5. More People Finding You Non- Branded Searches
6. More Inbound Leads

Contact me if you want to hire someone to help with any of the above.

Eagan Heath
Founder, Local SEO, Google AdWords

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