Social Media SEO – You Gotta Have It!

Social Media SEO –

Social Media SEO is REQUIRED today if you are trying to get seen on the front page of the search engines. Social proof via likes, shares and plus one’s, as well as people bookmarking your sites let’s Google know your content is ‘relevant’.

There are several ways to incorporate Social Media SEO into you plan. Certainly you can set up your own Social Media accounts, get followers and share your content manually. This takes time and is not as powerful as having unique visiters bookmark your content.

Same thing with likes and shares. It is more powerful to have those signals coming for various accounts.

I know a lot of people who THINK they are doing Social Media SEO by pasting their link in Facebook groups with 10,000 people. This is an absolute waste of time… but people don’t know what they don’t know.

You could spend a lot of time doing Social Media SEO yourself, OR you could use the cool tool in the video… SocialADR. This is one of my top tools and you can get it here: It works like a charm. Enjoy!

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    Social media and SEO, goes hand in hand, will help your business website get more traffic and increase the popularity for your business. Social media works best on the interaction with business clients and potential customers; SEO, on the other hand, sustain and gather unique visitors for your website

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