Shopify SEO Tips — When You Should Focus On Shopify SEO Optimization | #162

In today’s episode I share some Shopify SEO tips and discuss when you should focus on Shopify SEO optimization for your store.

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10 thoughts on “Shopify SEO Tips — When You Should Focus On Shopify SEO Optimization | #162

  1. Steve Doyle

    Facebook ads are financial suicide they don't work I seen 8K dropped and nothing returned even under very calculated measures

  2. Lile K

    Hi till how are u doing?
    does it matter if what we choose for font style of our website?
    should it be google fonts for friendly SEO or am i wrong?
    thanks 🙂

  3. Ram Mane

    Till, Does Instagram gives sales? actually I get 40 Likes / 2-3 comments on Instagram for my product images. I use hashtags. but I have not gotten any sale from Instagram yet. what are your views on it?

  4. Christopher Kinney

    Hi Till, thanks for the information in your channel, it has greatly helped with understanding the essentials in FB ads pertaining to things like cpc and more.

  5. joelphnx

    So quick question and I would like your thoughts if possible. I started running facebook ads for my product for the 1st time about 2 weeks ago, and the result were not stellar. But nonetheless I did convert some sales. I spent roughly $140 us dollars and only received $70 dollars in sales($9.99 item). So obviously I took a loss on testing my 1st product and ad on fb. My question is this should I look into improving my copy on this particular ad/product or should I say this product just didn't work and move on? I do feel the ads did engage people as it did receive a good amount of likes and shares but did not convert to my site.
    I was spending about $15 a day on the ads and only receiving about 15-25 visitors to my site. Your thoughts? Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer my question. Enjoy your day!

  6. Wayne Dev

    Hi Till! Thanks for replying! Great Advice as I have been unsure & as I am working on a limited budget thought it would be better 2 just work on the 'SEO' But I now can see that with 'Facebook!' at least u can 'Target Customers!' The only thing I want to ask is 'Do you think it is more likely that customers go to 'Google' to 'Shop?' & 'Facebook' more for 'Social Interaction' rather than 'Shop?' Thanks!x

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