SEO tutorial for beginners | SEO Tutorial | SEO introduction | SEO – Part 1

What is SEO

1. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

2. SEO is an Online Marketing Technique which helps you to bring your website on top in Search Engine’s results.

Keywords: When user type some words on Search Engine to find out something, these words are known as Keywords.

4. An Estimated 75% internet user find out website via Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing

Why we use SEO

1. Increase visibility on Search Engines.

2. Get more traffic on your websites.

Traffic – No. of user who visit your website.

3. Convert a local business into International Business.

4. Easy way to show your business as Brand.

WsCube Tech explains you all about SEO and introduce you everything regarding SEO then you can better know what SEO is and why we use it.

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This app is a complete guide for learning digital marketing step by step.

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18 thoughts on “SEO tutorial for beginners | SEO Tutorial | SEO introduction | SEO – Part 1

  1. Ashraf Shaikh

    We had a conversation regarding seo on whatsapp.
    i want to know that i had website named and already on google search there are three website with this same name almost like and i when i search hindipost on google these three website is showing my website is not showing, how to bring my website on top by searching keyword hindipost on google.
    please guide me on this.


  2. Amazing picture

    4.4% of the sentences contain a transition word or phrase, which is less than the recommended minimum of 30%.

    isko solve kaise karte hain

  3. Ripan choudhary

    Hello please share video on Google Tag Manager….. how can use GTM, Describe the all function or feature.

  4. mohammad parvez

    proper intro and clear view of seo……………….
    love this tutorial from Wscube and their good and transparent efforts on seo………

  5. Health Helix

    in any wordpress website if two seo toos like all in one seo and youst seo can both seo tools possible for one website? It affect or not?

  6. Dhaval Thakar

    how can i increase my viewers on blog ??
    how can i share blog on social media ??
    i share on G+ , FB , Twitter

  7. great 01

    keep it up dear.. Really great information providing by WsCube Tech, first time I ever seen that video actually clear SEO Introduction step by step.

  8. Arup Zaigirdar

    Really great .first time i got an clear conception.Thank u WsCubeTech.will you plese give an idea how i will raise viewers for my short film n how i will start earning ..Bcoz i m an actor director..plese guide me. Thank you

  9. The INDIA

    hi will this tutorial help me to get my website rank in all over world or in India Only , my motive it to get my website ranked in all over world with some keywords

    Thanks in advance

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