SEO Training 2017 🏋️ (Q&A) + Free SEO Audits

Looking to learn SEO in 2017? You’ve come to the right place! 🙂 Today I answer questions and train you to be the best SEO you can be! I will also be giving away a free site audit! Need SEO help? Visit

Notes for videobase: respond to reviews

get local business markup for homepage (json-ld)

reduce load time by removing super high quality video

services links to bad page

fix url path with 301 redirects to /video-production-services/dublin-video-editing/
link silos

start generating a bunch of reviews with pleper

complete profile with photos (file urls are representing what the pictures actually are)

switch to SSL

Get 3-4 reviews a day:

Facebook group mentioned:

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7 thoughts on “SEO Training 2017 🏋️ (Q&A) + Free SEO Audits

  1. Clay Padgett

    Ok, Just to clarify, I work for a company that sells national, E-commerce but has local store/Warehouse in Orlando FL, I should create a separate page just for local? Should this be my about Page like national Headquarters? The company originated in brazil and will soon be selling in the uk, Should i create separate websites? Or should I just try to translate for single site? We use magento and would love a tutorial on that if you get time, Your video's Have given more insights than any other channels i have found so farad i just want to say thank you even if you don't get around to answering my questions.

  2. Andre Tamm

    How to you set up tracking for clients who don't know anything about Google Analytics, Search Console, Hotjar etc.
    Do you set up everything with your own Google account and then transfer ownership over to the client when the project is finished?

    Thanks for your previous answers! You're one of the few SEO gurus who actually answers all the questions 🙂

  3. Armands Sprogis

    Hi Chase, quick questions about SEO profiler price plans. I'm a small business owner, not seo agency. Would like to track some of the results I do. Mainly following your videos and advice. Would it be ok to go with $49 plan or I should really look at $99 plan? Seems like main difference is link disinfection tool. Not sure what that means and if I should have that. I have also heard about some group buys for SEO software, but not sure if that is a clever idea.

  4. Armands Sprogis

    Uhh interesting about permalink structure. My blog is with name/post name. I would definitely would like to know a bit more about permalink structure. Saying that I have over 300 posts and that would be mad to redirect. Thanks for your videos.

  5. Kyle Arnold

    Why do I always miss these things!!! Subbed and clicked the bell, I do get the notifications but always at a bad time for me… At least I get to do a bulk catch up afterwards.

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