seo taiji – f.m business

fucked up music business(f.m business)

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19 thoughts on “seo taiji – f.m business

  1. 강훈석

    서태지음악중 멜로디라인은 단연최고 보컬 빼고 소리 하나 하나 분리해서 들으면 이노래는 미쳤다 !

  2. 이현진

    심의위 대체 왜 있는거냐 심의위 따위때문에 우리나라 음악은 10년이상은 뒤쳐졌다

    아마 엉터리같은 심의들만 없었으면 지금보다 더 많은 발전을 했을거다…

    우리나라 심의위가 엿같은 짓만 해대는 이상 우리나라는 절대로

    본토가 외국인 음악들은 뛰어 넘지 못한다 잘한다 소리를 들을 뿐이지..

  3. marvelv212

    Seo taiji had a vision. He wanted Korean music to create new music to influence the world. He introduced many different types of music to Korea including R&B, Rock, Techno, House, Rap, etc… Now Korean music industry imitate these music instead of creating new music. This song is reflection of that sadness. American music is going on the same path. To Justin Beaver to Miley Cyrus to 2ne1 to bigbang. Pathetic.

  4. marvelv212

    It's not just Korean music industry. It's American music industry as well. America used to create new sub-divisions of music now they hope their imitation of girl bands and boy bands can influence world wide when they used to create real music.

  5. kitttyke

    You're right, they are performers. But they're good performers. Well, that's K-pop industry, they choose the right persons and make a group. I don't think it's bad. It isnt even a secret. It's still high quality performances, and it's really true that there are many groups that are formulaic, but there are some who doesn't. For example: SHINee, they are very individual, and one of the best groups. Their music is very varied and also some of the members wrote songs, can play an instrument.

  6. izede

    In Kpop, they aren't artists. They're performers. They don't write their own lyrics, compose any of their songs, they don't even come up with their own name! They have teams of composers and writers and stylists and managers that do everything for them. They just do what they're told. It's a system that works. It's appealing and it sells, but it doesn't compare to old school pioneers like Seo Taiji, who brought new things into Korean

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