SEO – Backlinking For Ecommerce Sites

Trying to rank ecommerce sites in Google is not the same as ranking other types of websites. So what do we do to get those magical high rankings? In this video we discuss some of our off-site SEO ranking strategies for ecommerce.

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2 thoughts on “SEO – Backlinking For Ecommerce Sites

  1. Craig Anthony

    Fantastic video – thank you – Subscribed and shared

    May i ask – Re the 1st point you made. Do the same KWD rules apply if your product website is not actually e-commerce, more of a visual site where you click to be taken to an external ecommerce site for the purchase. The art on my site takes them to etsy when they click the purchase button.

  2. Jaron Ferrer

    I appreciate this, especially the comment on how there's lots of great info that just isn't applicable to a particular ecommerce store. I would appreciate more from you guys on the topic of SEO for ecommerce and practical ways to achieve rank when you sell something no one wants to blog about or share. I like what you said about how Google can tell the difference between types of sites, so I'm trying to crack the code on how to increase SE performance for our particular niche. Could you do a video on B2B ecommerce seo?

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