Santiago de Chile – Temuco by train

We travelled south on the broad gauge line on an the overnight train from Santioago to Temuco in Southern Chile.

At Tumoco, a visit was made to the the railway depot with its roundhouse. Just a short video.

Part of a longer trip in Chile and Argentina organised by Ffestiniog Travel in January 1996.

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5 thoughts on “Santiago de Chile – Temuco by train

  1. osvaldo viveros

    Those trains are not longer in service, they have been replaced by new ones, better and faster trains. It looks like this video is at least 10 years old.

  2. Rodrigo Pastor

    yes, as gatonegro said, this train doesnt exist anymore, and that roundhouse now is Pablo Neruda Museum, as a trivia I can tell you that one of many scenes of the movie "motorcycle diaries" produced by Robert Redford, were filmed here as a location. The movie is based in Che Guevara's trip for South America (before became the famous CHE) Ernesto and Alberto Grando (his trip parter) were interviewed by the local newspaper "el diario Austral" wich still exists as the major newspaper in the region.

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