How To Steal SEO Traffic From Your Competitors [AMT-01 by Gael Breton]

Want to rank higher than your competitors? Reverse engineer their content, create something better, replicate the links they have and, chances are, you will outrank them! In this tutorial you will learn how to piggyback your competitors’ content marketing efforts, so that to find the best content ideas you should focus a lot of effort on. Let’s get started! –

First, you’ll need to build the list of up to 50 competitors. How do you find them?

0:42 Add your site to Dashboard ( at Ahrefs.

0:50 Move to Ahrefs Site Explorer ( and check your Top 10 Competitors report within SE – Overview tab. You may easily check each of them in SE, as well.

Another way to find competitors is to search them in Google.

Your next step is to find out how strong their domains are as compared to you.

3:35 Submit your competitors’ sites for analysis into Ahrefs Batch Analysis tool ( and check their Domain Rating.

Pick up sites with Domain Rating within 5 of yours (if your rating is 50, for example, that would be sites with DR within 45-55).

5:30 Submit any of them for analysis to Ahrefs Positions Explorer tool ( which finds all the keywords this site ranks for.

5:58 Check the “Top Pages” report in PE to see the pages on that domain that receive the most traffic and the number of keywords each of them ranks for.

Brainstorm their keywords ideas: maybe it would be interesting for you to create such content?

Perform this for all your competitors and at the result you will come up with a massive list of content ideas and pieces of content your competitors, that have the same level of domain authority as you, are ranking for.

Pick from here a topic you can write about and you have pretty good chance of ranking high… as long as you also do the effort of building the same kind of links to your content.

How to do that? Go back to Site Explorer, put the piece of content picked up from your competitor, look at the links they have and try to replicate those links.

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12 thoughts on “How To Steal SEO Traffic From Your Competitors [AMT-01 by Gael Breton]

  1. Mamma Bee

    This is great to know but what version of AHREFs do I need to have. I am on the paid trial version but do not have the same screens that is shown on this and I don't have a positions explorer.

  2. going2sleep

    This does not work for ecommerce. All my high ranking competitors have PBN networks and buy links. Ecommerce and content marketing does not work together in my niche.

  3. Kuldeep Sharma

    Hello Gael, thank you for your video. but my ahref UI and your video UI is different also i am not able to find these details in my ahrefs. like top 10 competitor.

  4. Content Content

    Great video! AHREFs is our fav 🙂 we actually started a channel dedicated to backwards engineering successful sites and we rely heavily on AHREFS. Feel free to check it out.

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