How to Make Millions in Online Marketing – Ask the Pro

How to Make Millions in Online Marketing – Ask the Pro

Giancarlo Barazza moved from Peru to the USA and went from poverty to multi-millionaire. His company makes sales without owning any products. He turns ads into profit being an affiliate for other businesses. Anybody can get into affiliate marketing and make money in their basement selling other people’s money. Now Giani trains other people how to do affiliate marketing. Being successful takes persistence!
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15 thoughts on “How to Make Millions in Online Marketing – Ask the Pro

  1. Dogan Ulusoy

    Yesterday I tried this marketing program and want to purchase, but my card is rejected and today my bank call me for a card fraud. Somebody try to transfer some money from my card in USA ( I live in France by the way).

  2. mohan rawat

    Hello sir
    I am your fan
    Apki vedios k fan ho gye h hum
    Aap vedios achhi bnate h
    I like it
    I hv also a good plan in marketing sir
    Whatsapp me :09891781084

  3. Evette Morales

    Please let the man talk, and finish answering your questions. You don't give him a a chance to finish responding.

  4. BitchHouseProductions

    Great show. I reached out to Coach Giani about selling my products. Expansion time! Love you Grant, you are authenticity at its best. You asked what I do better than anyone…I teach men how to Make Women Worship Them. Your men would ADORE having me on your show. I coach on attracting and keeping gorgeous, quality woman. I make men powerhouses with the ladies, bring them relationship wealth. Men in sexless marriages, single guys that want the cream of the crop and all men who desire more need me. XoXo Miki

  5. CJ de Sousa

    Great video. Grant is always bringing so much value to his subscriber base, living the "you never know enough" philosophy and "knowledge never occupies space," whilst Coach Giani, humble as always, realized a long-term goal by meeting and being on the GC Show. Affiliate Marketing is clearly one of the most important vehicles for generating online income in the new socio-marketing arena. Just consider the fundamentals and you will soon realize why it is considered a MUSE type business; automated income with hardly no moving parts.

  6. Vinnie Rodriguez

    This is a much needed conversation about the nature of business in 2017. You don't need to own inventory to have your own business. It can be completely virtual. As a business owners, you have to identify which products will grant you and your client the most value. Be the expert at marketing and sales.

  7. Goran Nikolov

    Billions flying around, and I am happy a kids on christmas :D. Ton of value, I watch these 2 dudes show's every day, sometimes I even wait for they to show up lol

    Love it, thanks for doing this


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