How To Get More Website Traffic – SEO 2017 Complete Guide (Part 7)

Today we cover how to get more website traffic in 2017 with the skyscraper technique, guest posting, and re-purposing video content. I show you how to create the outline for your skyscraper post. In this outline I show you the different elements you need such as content upgrades, video embeds, quotes, social media buttons, heat maps, content analytics, and introductions.

Next I show you how to automate your outreach using and get people to collaborate with you on your skyscraper post.

Here’s the post I was mentioned from Backlinko:

Here’s the app to get video transcripts:

Check out the previous videos for this tutorial:







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See you guys in part 8!

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  1. Carlos Nieto Herrera

    Great content! Congrats. Can you do a quick list of Chrome Addons you are using? That heat map thing and stuff plz

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