How to Find Long Tail Keywords For SEO

In this video I’ll show you how we use free tools to find long tail SEO keywords for the content we publish

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8 thoughts on “How to Find Long Tail Keywords For SEO

  1. Max Waldburg

    Sorry another question. The average monthly searches on your video at 54 secs is 33,100 then 5,400 and so on. When I do this search it is only giving me an estimate as in 10k to 100k or 10 to 100. Do you know what I can do to fix this and get a more exact figure – maybe I am being too pedantic however…

  2. Max Waldburg

    Hi could you explain to me about how the DA metric is relevant. As far as I am aware the DA measures how many links are linking to a site – I know its more complicated than this. I would be extremely greatful if you could elaborate on this. Thanks!

  3. Petros Stavropoulos

    excellent video description
    I want to check out the course that you advertise at the endof the video but there is a problem resulting to a 404
    check your server and let me know right away where I can sign up

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