How to Do On Site SEO – Optimizing an Article for On Page SEO – Hernan Vazquez

Here’s how you can optimize your articles for a good SEO On Site, or On Page. If you want more videos like this, comment and subscribe below!

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7 thoughts on “How to Do On Site SEO – Optimizing an Article for On Page SEO – Hernan Vazquez

  1. Mark H

    Good video on how to write articles and blogs with seo in mind. I am training a client of mine whom I built her website exactly how to write articles to get leads, be helpful not a sales person!

    Question: wouldn't we want to promote our own tweets and Videos or is that too much redundant to do that?

  2. emiliano alcaraz

    Hola hernan, un gusto conocerte.

    Me gustaria charlar con vos ya que yo también soy SEO de Argentina, para compartir conocimientos sobre todo, tenes un gran nivel y creo que yo también puedo aportar algunas cosas a tu conocimiento. Conozco pocos de aquí de nuestro país que hagan SEO de verdad, seria un honor poder tener una conversación de skype.

    Saludos y exitos!

  3. Owain Brown

    Best video / information I've found so far. Really simple and straight to the point. Thank you for taking the time to do this and share free of charge.

  4. Larry Moore

    Enjoyed your video. Although "facebook marketing" is your focus keyword and as you mentioned only used twice, "facebook" seemed to be used quite often in the article. Do you limit the use or keyword density for that keyword (which basically can be used as a root for several keywords: facebook marketing, facebook advertising, or just facebook)? I would be concerned if "facebook" had a high keyword density. Thanks again for the video.

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