How to Create an Internet Marketing Campaign | by Shanna Kurpe

In this video, I introduce myself and and share my expertise in Internet Marketing by walking you through the basic process for creating an Internet Marketing campaign. The Internet Marketing process includes target market research, user-centered web design, search marketing, conversion marketing, relationship marketing and web analytics techniques.

If you would like to learn how to create a website that fits within the Internet marketing process that Shanna teaches, then visit

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7 thoughts on “How to Create an Internet Marketing Campaign | by Shanna Kurpe

  1. goldsilverandiamonds

    "Surrenders" is such a negative and adversarial term how about "offers" "gives" or "supplies"

  2. Internet Marketing

    As a marketing professional, I agree with you TOTALLY except you need LATEST technology to make these theory into practice and most importantly STAND OUT FROM YOUR COMPETITORS. Tools! Tools! Tools! Tools will save you lots of gray hair.

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