Grow The Sales & Traffic of Your Shopify Store With SEO

I want to help you grow the sales and traffic to your ecommerce store by improving your organic SEO traffic. In this video, I’ll talk about how to do that and make a better living from Shopify. Shopify:

Search engine traffic is AMAZING because it’s a recurring source of traffic that you don’t have to work for. Just like you’re trying to grow a Shopify store with loyal customers and recurring revenue, you should also seek out recurring traffic.

Part 2:
Part 1:


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2 thoughts on “Grow The Sales & Traffic of Your Shopify Store With SEO

  1. Fabio Meli

    Hello Salvador, nice video. thank you for your suggestions. I am the owner of EZ Shelf and have a question for you. I have started writing some articles in my website blog, however if I google their title they don't come up on the first page of the search engine. For instance I have an article "how to choose a closet organizer", however my organic search shows my website on the second page only. Do you have any recommendations?

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