Foreign Language SEO – 45% Increase In Traffic

Foreign Language SEO – 45% Boost In Traffic

You know we love you right?

This is another crazy value add for being a part of DigitalTriggers.

I just finished getting up this step by step video on the blog and wanted to get it in your hands right away.

I know the title sounds SUPER Hyped up, but truthfully it’s not.

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4 thoughts on “Foreign Language SEO – 45% Increase In Traffic


    There's a new version out:
    Just installed the plugin on a new site I'm building around financial news. There are just 5 posts on it right now and the plugin really takes it time. Looks like it's working, though. Thanks for the advice Joe!

  2. TheNoobSensei

    Thanks for the video, Joe. I understand the "how" of what you're doing here, but I'm not sure that I understand the "why." Why do you need foreign-language translations for a local business page? Does it boost your search engine rankings, and if so, why? Thanks for the great video, as always.

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