Does Google consider SEO to be spam?

Matt Cutts answers the question: “Does Google consider SEO to be spam?”

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13 thoughts on “Does Google consider SEO to be spam?


    I have read about SEO article last month, but I still have many questions about that, after I watched SEO video -LnaSNfl_x4 , I was very satisfied with his explanation.

  2. Eliot Auteberry

    Agreed +1. This particular video is very helpful for me thank you. Additionally I want to say that I utilize youtube to bring traffic to my website since I'm a marketer. Want to learn exactly how? In my channel you can watch a video about my course which is by far the best course on youtube marketing ever. You should go to my youtube channel to check it out. Take care!

  3. Larrys mlmtips

    I love SEO! You did a good job explaining this and most people can learn alot from this video!

  4. Johnathan Berner

    Matt, why can't you just release a list containing 50% of all Google signals? We just want a guide line to go by so we are doing everything correctly. 


    SEO and spam are 2 different things. Great video to watch if you’re still trying to differentiate SEO from spamming. Both SEO companies and small business owners can learn a lot from this video. They know what they’re talking about, it is from Google after all.

  6. Sunnyvale SEO

    Good explanation Matt, I guess just keep it relevant with good content as well as the right keywords for your subject matter.

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