19 thoughts on “Chile’s migration boom has led to a major housing crisis

  1. juscurious

    The solution to this problem is for Peru, Bolivia, and the other Latin Countries to adapt the free market principles that Chile has successfully introduced. If these nations did what Chile has done, then they can have prosperity as well and people will not have to move to Chile.

  2. cosima asimov

    we need a migration law, that doesn't mean racism, it means order. By the way, this is very misleading and non accurate, since mining industry is very unstable these days and jobs suck ass.

  3. sCr0llx

    The bad thing is that many drug traffickers and prostitutes arrive with diseases, Do they escape violence or bring it?

  4. Star Star

    chile needs a donald trump, it is a great country, the best economy in latin america, the safest country, the best education pisa tests. etc. these migrants ruin all countries they go.

  5. Demoesceptico2


  6. bubba hubba

    Ah hell the Colombians and blacks have arrived, Beautiful Chile will only go downhill from here. :(

  7. People need Love

    They're not bringing the best
    They're bringing Drugs, they're bringing Crime…
    Let's make Chile great again

  8. Dario Salas

    los comunistas siempre aumentan la pobreza, es conveniente para ellos, como es posible que se vengan a Chile para engruersar la pobreza

  9. grancalabaza

    Without diminishing the reality of the situation portrayed in the video, the truth of the matter is that the housing issue is very particular to the north of Chile and doesn't necessarely reflect the reality of what happens in the rest of the country (yes, there are similar settlements in other cities, yes, their conditions are awful, but the north has it way worse).
    Cost of living in the north is higher than in other parts of Chile (15 to 30% aprox. in Antofagasta depending on who you ask) and because of the decrease in mining production, unemployment rates have gone higher in the past couple of years for Chileans and migrants, but cost of living has remained the same. The truth is that the Campamentos issue is not migrant-exclusive and is certainly not "caused" by migration, as the title (albeit not the content) of the video suggest (clickbait much?)
    Although there are other illegal settlements like those everywhere in Chile, the truth is that they have decreased in number considerably in the past 10-20 years, at least in the rest of the country.
    That being said, Berrios is a badass and his work with migrants and the underpriviledged is, to say the least, commendable.

  10. ColdShadow 1986

    vayanse ala mierda pais , llega pura basozfias no mas no hay una ley de inmigrantes LA ESTA D LOS AÑOS 70 NO HAY NI UN FILTRO jodanse PRIMERO LOS CHILE LOS DEMAS , PEPA PIG DE LA BACHELET . dejando la cagada pf

  11. Marcelo Opazo

    Más inmigrantes para un país que no esta generando nuevas fuentes de ingresos….. ahí lo vieron, la realidad que deben vivir los inmigrantes que llegan a Chile que hoy forman más de 2/3 de los poblaciones ilegales.
    Pero como los califica la autoridad chilena y cual es su función "MANO DE OBRA BARATA"

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