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Wecome to The Online Marketing Co.’s #TOMCTip of the week. This short video will give you 5 simple SEO tips, which will help your website rank better on Google.

Although there are many different factors that determine your page rank on Google, this video will teach you some of the basic steps that can be applied with very little technical knowledge.

Get your foot on the ladder and start your journey to the top of Google and ultimately above your competition.

The 5 simple SEO tips that are talked about are:

– Showing a Clear Contact Detials
– Utilising Page Titles and Headings
– Optimising Images
– Showing a Clear Address
– Ensuring your website is Responsive

Google aim to provide the best experience to customers that are browsing your website. Therefore, ensuring your website is easy to navigate around (especially to find contact details) is a key part to search engine optimisation. Make sure your contact details are available and clear!

Page headings and titles hold more SEO weight than standard text. This means they have more influence on where your website ranks on Google. You should keep this in mind when writing content and should always include your primary keywords in titles and headings.

As smart as Google is, it’s still not able to determine what is in an image, therefore it’s our job as the website owner to tell Google when is in the image. We can do this by adding alt text to our images. Again, when adding alt text, be sure to use the keywords you wish to rank for!

Business transparency is a big factor for search engine optimisation. Therefore, clearly showing your address on your website tells Google that you have nothing to hide. Showing an address boosts your reputation with Google as you’re less likely to be a cowboy trader!

Finally, ensure your website is responsive (mobile friendly) is huge part of SEO. Think about the amount of people the search the internet on their phone everyday. Mobile browsing is a rapidly growing trend that Google have weaved into their algorithms when determine where your site ranks.

Make sure your website is mobile friendly! If it isn’t, get it done!

Should you need any more information on how to complete the above steps, please get in touch as our helpful website gurus are always on hand to assist / advise. After all, advice won’t cost you a penny.

How do I know if my website is responsive?

If you have to zoom in and out to clearly read/see your website content on a mobile phone, chances are your website is not responsive (or partially).

How do I make my website responsive?

There are a series of step that must be carried out in order to make your website responsive. Each content element must be assigned a ‘class’ and then styled using ‘CSS’. This will require someone with website technical knowledge to complete the process properly.

Can The Online Marketing Co. make my website responsive?

Yes we can. Our team will be happy to take a look and your website and provide an affordable quote to either; rebuild the website on a responsive platform or; update your current content to make it mobile friendly.

Our have years of experience and vast knowledge of marketing and website design. You will be glad to know that we are only a call away.

You can read more about:

– Responsive / Mobile Friendly Website Design – http://theonlinemarketingco.co.uk/website-design-development/responsive-mobile-website-design/
– Search Engine Optimisation – http://theonlinemarketingco.co.uk/digital-marketing/search-engine-optimisation-seo/

Get in touch with our helpful website design team today who will be able to talk you through all aspects of design and marketing to iron out any uncertainties. Best of all, this won’t cost you a penny.

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