16 How to Optimize Your Images for SEO

16 How to optimize your images for SEO video lesson explains how to name HTML images and use alt attribute for Google. Created by https://www.rankya.com/ this video tutorial session shows you how to properly utilize HTML image files to further guide Google to understand web page content.
Google has image publishing guidelines for webmasters which can be located here:

Images play a major role in modern website design and also images are a great way to communicate information for relaying your message. Using visual symbols to increase your conversion rates are common strategy that almost all web sites utilize. Although this being the case, and although most of the information regarding image optimization techniques are plentiful on internet, most of them fail to explain how you can and should utilize images so that Google can make the relation between your web page (and the keywords you are targeting) and your images.

This video tutorial lesson does just that, show you step by step “how to optimize your HTML image files” for SEO. If you believe that you have learned new insights by watching this video session, then I encourage you to share it around on your social profiles, here’s the link to do just that:

This video training course is first uploaded by #rankya YouTube channel

Looking forward to your subscription and I hope you have gained new knowledge about search engine optimizing your images for guiding Google to better understand your landing page content.

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6 thoughts on “16 How to Optimize Your Images for SEO

  1. Michael M.

    Rankya. That was a very good video on alt tags. I am having trouble duplicating the process. Every time I fill out the "File Info" in photoshop and save it, when I reopen-it is blank. I have tried it many times with the same results. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thank you. Mike

  2. Keith Nguyen

    Dear Sir, i am not a web designer but strive to learn SEO . I saw your program that you used in this clip. Is it Dreamweaver. Instead of using this software, can i use php designer8 to edit or read the website code. Many thanks

  3. radicalwindsurfing

    Hi, thank you for your helpful tuts.

    Does WordPress automatically reload images once updated with file info in Photoshop? or do I need to manually upload them again?

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